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    Server updates 21/07/2018

    By Manipulated,

    Here are a few simple updates i implemented at the moment, Also please check out our other updates that are soon to be implemented! More updates will be coming within the next few weeks!

    I have changed prices of the following items to suit their cash value (Please remember in the shops they are 80% less)

    Dragon Claws - 34m
    Toxic BlowPipe - 34m
    Penix Armour - 50m a piece
    Torva Armour - 50m a piece
    Virtus Armour - 50m a piece
    Stead, Glavien and Ragefire boots - 25m
    Saradomin Sword - 30m
    Armadyl Godsword - 38m BGS, ZGS, SGS - 25m
    Korasi's Sword - 60m
    Bandos Armour - 30m-35m range
    Armadyl Armour - 30m-35m
    Divine Shield - 150m
    Elysian Shield - 90m
    Arcane Shield - 40m
    Spectral Shield - 40m
    Third-age Melee set - 125m
    Third-age Prayer set - 130m
    Third-age Ranger set - 125m
    Third-age Mage set - 125m
    Third-age Melee Armour - 31m a piece **
    Third-age Prayer Armour - 32m a piece **
    Third-age Ranger Armour - 31m a piece **
    Third-age Mage Armour - 31m a piece **
    Santa Hat (Red) - 150m
    H'ween Mask (Red, Blue, Green) - 90m, 85m, 80m
    Party Hat (All Colours) - 150m Any Color
    DFS - 25m
    Dragon Pickaxe - 20m
    Whip - 3m
    Chaotic rapier, c'bow, Maul, Staff, Shields & Longsword - 15m

    Removed gnome scarf out of clothing shop & Added to the prestige shop for 5 prestige points!
    Moved Home shop NPC foward 2 squares so you can click and not misclick other npcs behind!
    ::Shop now teleports you outside the shop door not inside the shops!
    Re-Located ::chill, Added Bankers for skilling/chilling - *Maybe* Remove the Portal & Uncooking pot **
    Removed some crappy items and added better items to crystal key chest, This will boost chances to get good/great items!
    Added further items to the Vote store!


    If there are more updates/Ideas you would like to see please let me know in-game or via the forums in the correct forum section, I hope you enjoy the few things i have changed & Added right now.

    Development Update 5/28/18

    By Joshua,



    • Added Daily Events to the server. See https://callisto-ps.com/index.php?/forums/topic/66-events/ 
    • Removed Fire cape, Claws, Blowpipe, Tentacle, Arcane Sigil, Spectral Sigil, Elysian Sigil, Divine Sigil from vote shop.
    • Added Crystal key, Zulrah scales box, and Legendary mystery box to vote shop.
    • Vote scrolls are now untradeable.
    • Added Zulrah scales box to Stardust shop.
    • Released brand new skiller outfit in the star dust shop.
    • Fishing has had a bit of a makeover. Exp rates were buffed for most fishes. Sharks gained a level based buff at lvl 90. Rocktails also got a level based buff at lvl 99.
    • Legendary Mystery boxes will now be available via donations.* At this current moment they are not immediately  available. Please contact Joshua/Apocalypto if you wish to get these.*
      • 5 / 3$
      • 10 / 6$
      • 20 / 12$
      • 28 / 15$
    • We will now accept OSRS/RS3 gold as donations. We will sell the gold via a website and the funds gained from the gold will be added to the server paypal. This is to enable users that can not financially donate a way to still do so. For these types of trade please contact either joshua/Apocalypto. A forum thread with explicit details will be created soon with prices and conversions.


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